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(Zoom Services available at this time - Coaching and Transforming Emotional Blocks

Coaching with Tracey

one hour session


We all have experienced trauma in our lives and we weren't taught how to process these emotions. We also took on beliefs from our caregivers who may or may not have healed their own trauma. When we have trauma that is heId within the body we are reacting from a survivors instinct rather than the experience that is front of us.  These sessions will help you release old deep emotional trauma, self limiting beliefs and self sabotaging patterns so you can take your power back and reconnect with your true self, abundance and happiness and start living a more empowered life.

Transforming Emotional Blocks

Healing through the Chakras



Eight Week Course

Transforming Emotional Blocks Healing through the Chakras


Course Includes:

  • My new book with guided      meditations to listen to each week

  • Daily activity prompts focused on the chakra we are working with

  • One on One private sessions


We work the ground up, breaking down the past and rebuilding creating new and stronger foundations. 

Each week we start out with a guided meditation for that particular chakra and each day there will be a different prompt specific to that specific chakra.  At the end of each week we will have a one on one coaching zoom video call.  At the end of the 7 weeks we will bring it all together and create a plan how to bring this into your life.  

Therapeutic Massage

one hour session


With our current lifestyle we are over-worked, under-appreciated, stressed and disconnected from ourselves.   In this session we will focus on reconnecting with your body and self  to reduce stress, release stress hormones tension from the muscles,  reduce anxiety and depression. 

Each session is tailored to you and where you are in your life.  Sessions include Reiki and may or may not include trigger point therapy, meridian work and polarity therapy.  We work together bring you back in to a state of balance and well being. 


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